Unlike most cleaning systems that rely on hot water, harsh detergents and abrasive brushes to try and clean your carpets, the Ultra Dry system uses a combination of solvents that ionize dirt and stains and gently, but effectively, lifts them out of your carpet.

Because Ultra Dry uses very little hot water, there is no chance of shrinkage or mildew and there are no soil-attracting residues left behind to cause rapid resoiling.  Plus, the Ultra Dry System dries faster than steam methods (generally in about an hour) which means we can easily schedule your carpet cleaning at a time that won’t inconvenience you or your family.

“He did a beautiful job on my carpet.  Very caring and courteous.”

Yvonne Jones

The process is simple, but very effective.  First, our well-trained technicians, who average 7 years of experience, will vacuum your carpet, removing the dry, sharp particles that can cut and dull carpet fibers.  Then a light application of Ultra Dry is sprayed over the entire area until damp, not wet, and is given time to work.  Because Ultra Dry is a non-toxic, homogenized blend of water and solvent-based cleaners, it attacks all types of stains, loosening them from the carpet and leaving them with a negative chemical charge.  Next, your carpet is agitated with soft, absorbent pads that are treated with a positively-charged solvent that softens the fibers in your carpet while it attracts the negatively-charged soil to the cleaning pad.  Your carpet is cleaner and brighter.  Because no soil-attracting residue is left behind, it will stay that way longer.

The Ultra Dry System is also very effective on upholstery, fine furniture and small fabric areas.  Click here for more details.

“Carpet and upholstery looked excellent.  Was very impressed".

Charles A. Smitt

A regular Magna-Dry program will not only keep your home looking bright and clean, but will also add years to the life of your carpet.  Our experienced carpet pros will assess your specific needs and develop a program that will help you protect your carpet investment for the long-term.  We are honest and direct in our dealings, so when we provide an estimate it describes fully the services we will provide and the costs involved.  With Magna-Dry, there are no hidden charges.

Magna-Dry provides residential service in Greater Cincinnati, Middletown,  Greater Dayton, Ohio, and Northern Kentucky.

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